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Advertising agencies aren’t interested in what their customers want.This is a prevailing view.

I’ve run my advertising agency for more than 12 years, in which time I have gathered extensive experience in the fields of consultancy, marketing and classic advertising. This experience can nevertheless be summed up in two clear statements:

Holger Saiko – Firmeninhaber
  1. Many agencies don’t see the big picture and are unable to develop a comprehensive view for their customers.

  2. Customers in turn are often confronted with high costs and ineffective results.

    The result is that many companies urgently in need of advisory and implementation assistance in consultancy, marketing and classic advertising have lost their trust in the “pros”.

My aim is to restore this lost faith to owner-operated companies and marketing departments through authenticity, creativity and realistic pricing. My team and I would love to hear your story and assist you in an advisory, creative and advertising capacity.

Our first meeting is without obligation for you. Call us and give us and yourself a unique opportunity.

Holger Saiko – Company Owner
People make the difference"

We offer consultancy, print & web


These days, a company’s website is the first point of contact and the best platform for making a first impression. more information

Is your advertising suffering from burnout? We’ve got the remedy …

… and it consists of our work, creativity and understanding of good advertising. We’re adept at the full range of advertising measures, so we understand how to design sensible, effective advertising and marketing measures.

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We create and design books, print brochures and your company’s corporate visual, the sub-category of corporate identity.

For us, great design skills also encompass web design and the development of mobile websites, and today there are things web designers and graphic designers need to know and pay attention to in this regard. And because we’ve never lost our sense of curiosity, in the meantime we have also specialised in designing company apps.

In short, our expertise is distinguished by that little bit “more”.

We don’t like to hit you with everything all at once, and many of our customers appreciate our approach. We prefer to offer you small steps in the beginning so that big steps can work later on. Let’s walk together. You take the first step.

We’ll take the second.